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Sherri is an Interior Designer who is inspired by the beauty of nature who also has a deep appreciation for the craft of creating beautiful spaces.  She spent the earlier part of her career mastering each of the finishes and applications for all products in the interior design industry.   In 1987, Sherri started her own design business where she was more fully able to express her design philosophy of combining natural inspirations and refined craftsmanship.  She is also committed to staying up to date with the latest design software allowing for her to be a strong team player when working with Architects and Builders.

Sherri is also a Master Feng Shui Practitioner certified by the intense 3-year BTB Masters Program based in NYC.  According to Feng Shui, life and destiny are closely interwoven.  The spaces we live and work in are powerful forces and a metaphor for our lives.   Naturally, Sherri’s designs incorporate the wisdom of Feng Shui as she feels that she has more responsibility to her clients than just selecting interior finishes and designing spaces. She wants to make a difference in the quality of her client’s lives by creating spaces that are not only beautiful but nurturing and supportive.



My personal and professional lives are grounded in the love for creating beautiful spaces for my clients that reflect the beauty of nature.  I have always loved beautiful surroundings, which I believe intrinsically creates a positive impact in our lives.  My homes and workplace are surrounded by a beautiful lake, which feeds creativity in my designs as well as influences my perception of life in general.  The ultimate vision for any of my work is to create designs that feel nurturing and inviting, as well as fashionable and timeless.  

My success to date has been largely due to my constant effort to develop a more intuitive mind.  I feel that our homes each have their unique energy and it has a significant impact on our personal lives.  My goal is to tune into this energy and incorporate it into all facets of my designs.  I want to offer my clients beauty while creating balance and harmony in their homes or workspace.  It is my passion to create innovative designs to make each space personal to my client’s needs and desires.