FURNITURE BLOCKS: For the best Feng Shui, you want the energy to ‘meander’ through a space. Imagine yourself as energy. You are walking through your home, are you bumping into any corners of tables? Are you squeezing through hallways or doorways making you feel constrained? Do you have too much furniture? It can be major blocks of energy.

Space-clearing copy.jpg

MOVING INTO A NEW HOME? No one likes to sit at a table in a restaurant that has not been cleaned by the previous people eating there. The same applies for buying a home. You do not want to pick up energy or patterns from the previous owners. Let’s clear that energy.... every home has a soul. It has it’s own energy, its own personality, its own past, and its own agenda. We are all drawn to spaces for a reason. Some homes even seek out those who can help heal them.


DO YOU LOVE YOUR WALL COLOR? Do you love your accessories? Do you love your interior finishes? As you become more conscious of our diet, exercise and spirituality, you will become more conscious of your home as well. If you love your home, you will love yourself.


YOUR DESK LOCATION: Your home office represents an important area in your home. This area symbolizes your career, your wealth, and how you nourish yourself in the world. You always want to be in the commanding position. It means that you are in command of your life, your career and can see more clearly what the universe has in store for you. Where is your desk in relationship to the door? Ideally you want your desk facing the door, while not directly in line with the door.

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ANYTHING BROKEN? If you have a broken chair, appliance or vase, then you should fix it right away for get rid of it. This is a sign of not caring about fixing problems in your life, and taking responsibility. Do not ignore, and be mindful.

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EMOTIONAL CLUTTER: is stagnant energy. If you are feeling stuck or stagnant in your life, then maybe clutter is hanging out somewhere. This would be a good time to clean out some stuff and open up new opportunities.