Sherri is a fabulously creative designer and a great listener, traits that do not always go hand in hand. Sherri walked into our original kitchen and before she even sat down she said, “Can’t we blow out that wall?” Of course it was a great idea as the wall blocked a gorgeous view, but “blowing out” the wall had never crossed our minds since that wall held up the house! Sherri then listened to our ideas about the project and made them all happen. The finished kitchen project is all we hoped for and more, but the key was “blowing out” the wall. Thank you Sherri!
— BS
As a non-visualizer I found Sherri to be invaluable in making our projects work. She quickly picked up on our tastes and was a true pleasure to work with as the process progressed. She is tireless in her efforts to find things that work and made the selection process almost fun! Sherri worked well with architects, contractors, and others involved in making something from nothing and her follow-up efforts were nothing short of amazing. She has a very impressive list of resources and was able to make our projects unique and noteworthy. We have worked together on three collaborations and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.
— DS
We have had the pleasure of working with Sherri Agnew at Designline Inc. for more than 25 years. She has a complete understanding of the construction process and excels in scheduling the different phases of the project. She is well respected by the higher end contractors she uses. I have enjoyed working with her both as a Painting Contractor and as a Client. Her attention to details and follow thru are outstanding. The timely completion of the projects she has been involved with starts with the detailed drawings and planning before the work begins. This makes her jobs more enjoyable and profitable.
— SW, Newland-White Decorators, Inc.